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BOC International Futures Limited (hereinafter referred to as BOCI Futures) is wholly owned by BOC International (China) Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 350 million yuan. We mainly engaged in commodity and financial futures brokerage business, futures investment consulting, asset management business. We are the first futures company in China that has the background of both state-owned commercial bank and innovative securities company. Our strong shareholder strength is unique in the domestic futures industry.

BOCI Futures is member of all futures exchanges in China, and specializes in futures trading, settlement and delivery for clients. We have a galaxy of experienced elites. The average working year of department heads and above is more than 10 years. Our professional research team brings together top-ranking researchers in the industry with steady performance in practical operation to ensure professional consultation for customers. At the same time, the company is committed to providing customers with safe and speedy online trading system, convenient bank-futures transaction and professional delivery services.