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International Business

Rich experience in customer service

BOCI Futures has a rich service experience. We could provide high efficiency and professional service to clients. Our customers  include QFII, RQFII, wholly foreign-owned enterprise, major SOE, hedge fund, financial institutions, big traders, etc. We’re familiar with international investors’ demand, thanks to our rich working experience.

SOE background

BOC, as the 1st commercial bank,  signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with INE. BOC has become the first  designated depository bank for overseas and domestic customers, and is the biggest  Chinese commercial bank expanding international business. Thus, it has advantage in international exchange and settlement. It supports 24 hours * 7 days fund transfer and exchange settlement, and maintains good relationships with Exchange and regulators.

Safe, Compliance & Fair

Shareholders have strong capital strength and international credibility. We do not set up subsidiary to conduct proprietary trading, which avoid insider trading.

Top quality products to assist your trading

BOCI Futures cooperates with regulators to provide up-to-date suggestion. Our experienced execution team and proper trading platform (DMA, OMS and Algorithm) help to boost your trade performance. Besides, we timely communicate the market sentiment and flow information from decent global 500 institutional clients.  We also provide  counterparty searching & introduction for delivery and bi-lingual, sub-account settlement.